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Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Week (& Last Week) In Photos #5

[1] I am very much in love with my new pair of loafers! They are so comfy and they go with everything I wear. My floral shorts are from a vintage shop in Angel, Islington.. it was on sale for £24. [2] Popped in to the new M&M store in central London..  I love all the teddies they have! [3] The traditional London Bus at the M&M store. [4] My all time favourite dress! I wore this on Friday evening for a dinner party. The necklace is from ASOS.. its my favourite piece of jewellery at the moment. [5] Had lunch at Tokyo Diner with my boyfriend, before we went to see Rise of The Planet of The Apes at the Empire. I had Salmon Sashimi Don and it was delicious! [6] My first BBQ of the summer. [7] Oval tube station always have inspiring quotes!

A few photos from here rolled over from last week/weekend. Today, I'm having a lazy sunday filled with Eastenders reruns, indulging in a vast amount of sweets and crisps. I will be spending it with my family, gobbling up mama's home made Pho, listening to my parents sing karaoke (its hilarious!) and maybe do some online shopping. What are your sunday plans?

PS: I hate rain.
PPS: I will be reunited with my camera on Tuesday, I can finally take some decent photos!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Portrait | Week #5

Good evening bloggers! This is a bit of a late evening/posts for you all. The weather this week has been beyond disappointment =( everyday - without fail - rain has poured down on every single journey I've taken to work this week. It makes me sad, makes me furious, makes me annoyed because summer is all about sun, rays and cocktails! Speaking of cocktails.. Its my sister's birthday dinner/party tomorrow, we're off to Hawksmoor for a good dose of foodage and drinkage. Writing this, I am actually craving for a ice-cold glass of Mojitos now.

I was going through my diary and work calendar this week, it has just hit me that I have just over 2-months until I fly to LA for my cousins wedding! I am so excited.. its crazy to think that I booked my tickets in February and its almost here! I've haven't taken time off from work since May, so this holiday is all I can think about.  I'm so looking forward to seeing all my family, chilling at the beach, eating huge portions of american style food, indulging in bubble tea, trying the famous green tea frappicino that only the U.S have in starbucks! Tell me why UK hasn't jumped on the Green Tea Frappacino band wagon yet? Not fair.  - Any of my LA followers: could you recommend me restaurants/sights etc for me to see and do? I've been to LA a couple of times, but I know there is a whole lot more that I haven't done (or eaten).

I've been getting frequent emails lately enquiring about my camera and how I produce the photos on my blog. I'm thinking maybe I should dedicate a post on this subject? I could answer all your questions there, if I haven't already answered them!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, come rain or shine!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Screen @ The O2

Just a few photos taken at the Big Screen event at London's O2. It was a day filled with movie goers, and movie fanatics. It was an event dedicated to promoting the film industry, with many seminars and classes to attend to with special screenings and premiers of some of the most upcoming films. I attended my very first film premier for Conan The Barbarian in 3D, with special appearance from the cast and crew. It was really great to have been part of the crowd and audience... and what an experience it was. The film itself wasn't so great, but it was the experience that counted, so definitely money worth spent! I'm hoping Empire continues to do this event yearly, as it is a great way of meeting fellow film fanatics!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Portrait | Week #4

- A little tired in this photo hence the lack of facial expression. 

Hellooooo! Oh. my. god... how long has it been since I last updated? oops. I do apologise for the lack of posts. As you all may well know, my camera is currently in repairs hence the lack of general posts and updates on My Week In Photos, as well as my Friday Portrait. Fear not, I am now relying on my point and shoot camera for now (photo taken with the Canon Powershot S90), which by the way is my all time favourite digital camera! Thank the lord that my SLR is still under warranty and its being fixed promptly. I highly recommend www.fixationuk.com if you have any queries or repairs on your SLR cameras.. their customer service is brilliant and efficient.

Its been a pretty busy couple of weeks so far, and I still can't believe we are already in August! I was looking through my calendar earlier and it has hit me that Christmas is only 4-months away... scary! Anyways, the busy bee that I am at the moment, I have still made the time and effect to do a lot of activities, one being a very informative and insightful event that I attended last weekend called 'Big Screen'. I actually got to see and attend my very first European film premier (blog post coming soon..), which was pretty awesome.

I'm away this weekend, spending it with my boyfriend and his family. We are off to see The Rise of The Planet of The Apes.. I am so excited to see it as word of mouth has been great, especially on twitter ! We are also off to a very stylish Thai restaurant for some well deserved delicious food and drinks. Its been a while since I've had a proper night out, so this one will definitely hit off my weekend. And to add more to my eventful weekend, I have a BBQ on saturday to attend to.. yay! This too, also involves a large *ahem* amount of alcohol intake.. go me!

I'm thinking of changing my blog layout/theme again.. what do you guys think? And I'm also thinking of creating a food blog since half of this blog is dedicated to my food/restaurant posts! yay or nay? I'll update you all when this up and running. 

PS: I've hit 121 followers so far :) big smiles and huge thank you for following! 
PPS: I've changed the size and slightly adjusted the alignment of my watermark.. I think it looks a lot better now!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Leaving On A Private Jet

Don't be deceived by the post title... as if I had a private jet! Feeling a little blue today =( I am seriously indeed of a holiday right now. I've got LA booked in November for a long 2-weeks break for my cousins wedding - I am so looking forward to it and its been so long since I've attended a wedding! 3 more months to endure before I can relax and unwind. I was browsing through some old holiday photos the other day and I can honestly say that I have been so lucky to have visited some great cities in the last couple of years. Looking at the photos brings back some really fantastic memories and I can't help but smile.  And seeing as this is my journal, I thought I'll recapture the moment with you all. 

I went to New york as a celebrational holiday as I graduated from University that year. It was the winter season when we went and it was magical. It snowed for the whole 6-days that we were there. It was the coldest winter that I have ever been through, but it was worth every moment.  The city was like a white canvas.. reminded me of Home Alone 2 :) - don't you just love that film? it was gorgeous and so romantic. The highlight of the trip was definitely the views from Rockefella Center and the walk through Central Park.

Looking back at all the photos is making me crave for a holiday even more! All these memories captured in one little moment :) My next blog post will be on my trip to Paris 2009.

Have you guys been to NYC?